"My firstborn son has always had trouble with eczema so when I became pregnant with my second child I called on Jarrod's assistance. The natural medicines he prescribed during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding have worked for my second son. He is now 7 months old and eczema free. Thanks Jarrod."
- Danielle H

"Since seeing Jarrod for treatment, I no longer have the symptoms of reflux, bloating and gas, which had been causing me trouble for some time. My girlfriend is also happy about me no longer having the problem with gas!"
- Adam M

"Since I started seeing Jarrod my health & energy levels have improved. Very helpful & thorough. :) thank you Jarrod"
- Sarah B

"I first visited Jarrod after being referred by a friend. As I like to take a holistic approach to my health and not always rely on prescription medication, I found Jarrod was able to find the right natural medicines for me to support my broad range of health needs. Jarrod is warm and friendly and very welcoming and I would recommend anyone who wishes to partake of a healthier life style to see Jarrod."
- Therese B

"My elderly 93 year old mother was absent-minded and suffering from dermatitis in the ears. After treatment with Jarrod, her dermatitis has cleared and her memory has improved. She is now able to engage in a conversation again"
- Rhonda E

When I first started my consultation on weekly visits with Jarrod Carter in November 2009
I suffered from many health issues ranging
from feeling lethargic, high cholesterol, sleepless nights, frozen shoulder, lead and copper in my bloodstream, and the list goes on.

First of all I didn't know what was wrong
with me and I honestly believed that there
was no hope for me. I was convinced that this
is normal for a person as they get older, but something inside me continued nagging at me telling me that I needed help.

With the help and advice on diet, exercise, taking fewer vitamins and most importantly patience and understanding, I have come a long way since last November; my visits are down to once every 8 weeks, I no longer need to take so many vitamins and I feel like I am living again. Thank You Jarrod.
- Rita. F